We offer a machine for instrumental insemination of bee queens, created with the help of modern technologies of 3d printing

Insemination instrument of Bee Queen - made on a 3d printer

The equipment is made with ABS plastic and stainless steel. It consists of a main unit on which the queen's holder is placed, 2 hooks, feeding system with capillary installed.


Video lessons " instrumental insemination of the queen - part 2"

Video lessons "Instrumental insemination of bee queens - pat"

instrument Insemination Bee Queen


Hello, I am Valchuk Yurii, I am a beekeeper from Ukraine, I have been beekeeping for over 10 years, 5 years of them I have been engaged in the queen breeding and instrumental insemination of queens on the equipment of my own production. For the year, I inseminate more than 1000 queens. Now I am the leader in sales of instrumentally inseminated queens of the Bakfast breed on the market in Ukraine.

I studied this profession by myself, using Internet resources, reading books and watching videos, exchanged experience with other beekeepers, both in Ukraine and abroad, consulting with workers of medicine.

Now we have established our production of high-quality equipment using 3D printing technology for instrumental insemination of queen bees. We offer to buy our machines; we also teach how to work with them.

Valchuk Yuri in his apiary. Working process with breed Bakfast
The process of artificial insemination of the queen bee on a machine made on a 3D printer using 3D printing technology
Presentation of certificates for the development of beekeeping in Ukraine. Namely, for the personal contribution to the development and development of artificial insemination of queens Editorial Board of the journal "Pasichnik"


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